Scottish Lace History:

Scottish Lace comes directly to you from Scotland's own Irvine Valley where lace has been traditionally woven on Nottingham looms since the 1870's. This "old-country" weaving method involves intricate steps which not only authenticates the lace, but give its look and feel a certain quality not found in knitted laces also available today.

We are the only provider of the complete Thistle, Castle and Classic lace product lines. Scotland's identifying flower, the Thistle, is the original and only design woven into lace products since 1967. The Thistle line features tablecloths in various sizes with matching runners, doilies and placemats, all of which are hand-stenciled in soft lavender, yellow and green accents. The Castle line, much like the Thistle line, is softly accented with hand-stenciled colors of lavender, green and pink and features Scottish castles woven into the cloth. The popular Classic line is recognized for its delicately woven rose pattern.

Meet Your Hostess:

Image of Owner's Owner,
Mary L. Kiel - Clan Murray
It's a pleasure to bring you Scottish lace. My education and experience with textiles has enabled me to offer this quality product. Although I never actually met my grandmother, I'm sure I inherited my lifelong love of textiles and sewing expertise from her. This passion has led me into a rewarding professional career.

I completed my Bachelor's of Science at Utah State University with a special emphasis in clothing and textiles. My final research project (that was a few years ago) was a study on the history of lace. Since this time, I have worked in both clothing manufacturing and retail management for a major department store. In 1988, I started designing and selling custom window treatments, while assisting designers in this specialized field of Interior Design.

In 1996, I introduced the complete line of Scottish Thistle Lace tabletop accessories to the Seattle Scottish Highland Games along with our unique tea cozys by Yager International. I continue to sell Scottish lace tabletop accessories and tea cozys at various Highland Games, by mail-order and now via our website. Over the years, I have met some wonderful people who have fondly shared stories about family and friends who once worked at the Nottingham mill and about the heirlooms produced there. Thank you for your stories, smiles and patronage.

Enjoy your treasured Scottish Lace!

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